About Me

I have always enjoyed taking photographs.

I felt it was time to set up a website to share my passion with like minded people.

I would like to start to commission some work, sell some of my images and hopefully run some courses.... watch this space! Details to follow.

Please contact me with any questions or requests.

Below is briefly how it all started.
Mark is a self-taught photographer, pursuing a hobby which he really enjoys.

Aside from taking the holiday and family shots, Mark started to buy photography magazines and worked through the various tutorials.

An early favourite was Practical Photography. Mark entered one of their competitions, and his three waterfalls images were picked out with 5 other peoples to be published in one of their editions.

This spurred him on to learn more about photography. Joining PBase in 2009, (a website where you upload images and people can comment on and you can comment on their images. He has made a good group of friends on this site and they have "PBase Mini Meet Ups" where we just take pictures!

Mark joined a local photography society and he has been entering competitions there.

During 2012 Mark set himself some goals too - to obtain his LRPS (Licenticeship of the Royal Photographic Society) within a year from attending his first advisory evening which he did, as he was awarded this on 17/01/13). Then to obtain the ARPS the next year (03/03/14). See later pages for the panel images. For more information visit my links page.

Next came CPAGB accreditation, Mark was awarded this on 27/04/14. This is through the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain), again see the links page for more information.

Mark has now also obtained the BPE5 award (20/05/2021), which equates to having more than 300 images accepted into British Photographic Exhibitions. For more information please see the links page.

Mark has also obtained his FIAP award (EFIAP in 24/05/2021) which means having images accepted into International Exhibitions.

Mark has now also obtained the DPAGB accreditation, Mark was awarded this on 27/06/21. This is through the PAGB (Photographic Alliance of Great Britain), again see the links page for more information.

All the pictures and panels from the above awards are shown later in the website.

If you have any questions about any of these awards and how to go about starting to work towards them please do not hesitate to contact Mark.

Mark is hoping, in the near future, to push the boundaries on his photography work, by starting to undertake commissions, runs some workshops and courses and sell some of his images.
Again please contact Mark about any of the above.

Many thanks for taking the time to look at the MA Chambers Photography website.